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Interesting people living life to the full

Morden College has been providing for older people for over 300 years. Our passion is to enable those we support to enjoy the very best possible quality of life by providing them a comfortable home and exceptional care, should they need it. Our focus always is on the individual needs of our beneficiaries, and the personal choices they wish to make.

Chivalry begins at home!
Home is where the heart is – Eureka! It is here
- Mary Godwin, Resident
Each morning, I thank God I live here
- George Thurgar, Resident

We know our website cannot possibly convey the full richness of life at Morden College but hopefully in browsing here you may feel inspired to contact us, in your own interests, or in the interests of someone you care about. We are here to help.

Wonderful place, everyone speaks to you and shows love, the security of knowing staff are around if I am unwell
- Elza Findlay, Resident
The longer I am here, the more I like it
- George Greaves, Resident
If you would like to know more about how you can join us at Morden College, please click here: